How We Clean Roofs

Roof Cleaning Kidderminster and Surrounding Areas

We Use a 3 Stage Method of Roof Cleaning Which is Tried and Tested

Stage 1. Moss Removal

We use especially designed scrappers and brushes which fit the shape of your roof tile. They are mounted on telescopic extending poles allowing us to remove the moss while reducing the amount of time we will actually have to stand on your roof so decreasing the risk of damaging the roof.

Stage 2. Biocide

We treat the roof with a Biodegradable none caustic Biocide which is a type of weed killer for moss and lichen. The biocide kills any remaining lichens, algae, moss and spores left on the roof helping to prevent regrowth and over time returning your roof to the original colour.

Stage 3. Cleanup

When we have finished we will tidy up all the moss removed from the roof, empty the gutters and check the downpipes to make sure they are flowing freely.

Quotes Are Easy

Roof Cleaning Kidderminster

It’s simple to get a ball park quote.

Simply send us your address and we can work out the size of your property using Google earth, allowing us to give you a rough idea of the price. You can also send us a photo of your property using our contact form.

If you are happy with the initial price, we will come to your property to check out things such as access, the amount of growth and the condition of the roof. We can then give you the final quote.

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Why Clean your roof? Roof Cleaning Kidderminster and Surrounding Areas

Moss that builds up on your roof is not only unsightly but can also cause damage that is expensive to repair.
How does moss cause damage?
Moss acts as a giant sponge trapping gallons of water on your roof. This results in:-

  • The roof holding water putting weight on the structure of the roof that wasn’t designed to be there.
  • Water held on the roof which is designed to be self draining can find its way into roof timbers causing rot and damage.
  • The water on your roof freezes in the winter causing cracks and damage to mortar and tiles.
  • Roots from moss cling onto and between tiles causing surface damage resulting in them becoming porous.
  • Water being held on the roof reduces the thermal capacity resulting in extra heating bills.
  • Moss on roof can fall into and block gutters causing the ingress of water into your eaves which will cause damp patches and help your roof timbers to rot.

All the above points lead to damage and inefficiency of your property which could end up costing you £1000’s of pounds.

Here are the results 3 months AFTER a roof clean!